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We are a Learning Institution that specialises in Sales Training and Communication Mastery. We help businesses and individuals to massively increase their sales results, instantly!
We offer tailored online training and live coaching workshops for groups and individuals who want to accelerate their results in the areas of sales, management, leadership, coaching and public speaking.

Our Co-Founder and Lead Trainer/Coach, Craig Carr, is a sales and communication expert. He has been described by those who have worked with him, as one of the most dynamic “how to” Sales and communication trainers available today. He has trained thousands of people in multiple countries, and his straight talking no nonsense approach is creating immediate results for businesses and individuals just like you. The techniques he teaches are instantly applicable and will immediately inject into your business massive increases in sales, profits and rates of conversion.

Craig has shared the stage in multiple countries with some of the highest paid, most professional speakers in the world. Craig is an Author, a Licensed Professional Business Coach, a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a certified DISC Master Practitioner and holds Diplomas in Advanced Body Language and Non Verbal Communication. He can provide complete solutions to your immediate needs across every element of your business…and they work!

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Freedom Sales Academy Courses

Live Training and Workshops

Attend our one or two day Sales and Communication Mastery workshops. Or talk to us about tailoring a program for your business or sales team. Or contact us about Craig availability for private one on one coaching, or speaking at your next event.

Available Courses:

  • Triple Your Sales in 8 Weeks
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery
  • Leadership and Management Mastery
  • Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication Mastery
  • NLP and Behavioural Profiling Mastery Course

On Line Training Courses

The most comprehensive Sales and Communication Mastery program available today. This course is being taught in multiple countries and multiple industries, taking individuals and business to a market dominating level in selling.

  • 22 Online Mastery Videos to learn at your own pace
  • Live Weekly Coaching from Craig
  • Comprehensive workbook program
  • Private Mastermind Group

Training Videos


I have never seen a Trainer motivate such a lift in performance from a group so fast! I saw a young member of our sales team close a sale larger than any sale she had closed previously, the same day of the training. One of our team sold a warranty with his first two customers of the day, within minutes of the training session, using one of the techniques Craig had taught. He hadn’t sold one in the previous 3 days. Awesome stuff Craig! I can’t wait for the next session.

John Andary, National Sales Trainer

Craig, I just wanted to thank you again for the training you held for our guys. It goes without saying that all who participated walked away feeling pumped and enthused. The techniques and philosophy behind the ‘selling techniques/strategy’ along with ‘reading customers’ was amazing! Even I walked away learning something new.

The feedback received from the staff were that they felt educated not dictated to! – That your session was hypnotic and they were engrossed the whole way through. I can honestly say I have never seen a trainer hold an audience for as long as you did without anyone fidgeting or showing boredom – what a great talent! Well done.

As a result of that evening the staff incorporated almost all of the techniques you taught to them the following day;
Justin, Avg sales day $3,000 (Day after your training session) $9,200.
Ryan, Avg sales day $4,200 (Day after your training session) $8,700.
Natalie, Avg sales day $3,300 (Day after your training session) $11,200.
These were just a few highlights, that day the store was up 126% from the same period last year. Attachment rates also increased 20% as did warranty sales. This trend I can happily say continues and the guys are having more fun than ever before.

I guess one could say I owe you! So from the bottom of my heart – THANKS! You Rock!!! I look forward to the next session very soon.

Airen Youhanna, Store Proprietor

Could you please pass this message on to Craig Carr for me? I was in attendance at one of his Sales Master Class training programs. I want to say that I have never seen a training session like it. I wanted to thank him for his energy and the content of the information he gave here at our store. I have been buzzing since the session and have seen an instant lift in my sales closure rate. I know with the techniques shared I will be able to take my sales to a completely new level. Thank you again.

P. Tyler, Telco Specialist

I thought I would pass on some positive feedback since the staff went through the training session with Craig Carr last week. We are most definitely seeing a greater urgency in team members trying to close deals. It’s great to see some staff quickly picking up the techniques to avoid or limit discounting and to push back to the customer that there is greater value in better products. Just one example, Andrew in Car Sound instantly adopted some of the techniques and we saw immediate results. He sold $27k in car audio last week (his best effort in some time) but he also managed 7 warranties, which represented his best ever week in warranty penetration and we can see his confidence growing. He backed it up with a further $5k in car audio on Monday. I and the team sincerely thank you Craig.

C. Carter, Store Manager

Just wanted to send a shout out to Craig. I’ve always had a pretty good handle on sales, however, I’ve just attended Craig’s latest Sales Workshop and I was simply blown away! What I learnt in just a few of the techniques he taught on adjusting my communication skills to each specific customer has meant a 83% increase in our closing percentages in the first month. It’s unbelievable! I want to get our entire sales team in front of Craig now. Thank you so much.

L. Sondergeld, Corporate Manager

I have now done muliple training sessions with Craig over a number of years. I adopted his amazing sales techniques to catapult my own career. The first time I did one of his training programs, I was one of the sales staff at a busy National Retailer. The next session I did some time later, I was the Manager of that store and asked Craig to teach those same techniques to my team, we were the number one store in the group that next month for sales revenue and gross profit. The next time we caught up I was now a National Buyer for that same group, with one of the biggest order books in the Country. This time Craig was doing a two day Executive Management Seminar for our entire Executive Team and every store Manager from around the country. Two days jammed packed with amazing content and technique, exactly on point with where the market was going. 92% of our branches had increases in sales and profit for the next 3 months running.

I now hold the role of National Marketing Manager for a major corporation in Australia with over 206 outlets nationally. We have just finished filming Craig for two days and he will be the national face of our internal Staff Sales Training Program, I am so excited I can’t wait to launch the program. 206 outlets x 10-20 staff all learning from the guru himself! Talk about an unfair advantage in the market!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart Mate, it has been an amazing journey and I owe you so much. Thanks for everything, you are the real deal!

A.Mitchell, National Marketing Manager

I have just had Craig deliver another amazing sales training session to our Sales and Management teams, you never cease to amaze Mate. The way you hold an audience in the palm of your hand is an incredible skill. Some of the things you teach are very advanced techniques and concepts, but you teach them in such a simple way, that our entire team can apply them instantly in our business, that is a real art. Thanks again, can’t wait to have the Jedi Master back again soon.

T.Peck, Business Development Director

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